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From: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

To: Panay Island, Philippines

Travel Date: July 06, 2018

4 days travel

Posted by markgatus

Just recently, Travel Magazine names Siargao, Boracay and Palawan the Top 3 Best Islands in Asia. Panay Island is the gateway to Boracay, the Philippines’ most famous beach destination. However, most of us didn't know that Panay itself is a destination in its own right and has so much to offer. With my 4-day itinerary, let me give you a real taste of this amazing island as I introduce some of its best attractions.

⏰ Day 1 - Lakawon, Bacolod
6:30AM - Arrival at Iloilo Airport
7:00AM - Van going to Ungka Terminal (Near SM), fare is Php50/pax
7:15AM - Jeep going to Baluarte, drop off Provincial Capitol, fare is Php8/pax
7:30AM - Jeep going to Lapuz (ask the driver if he's going to pier), fare is Php8/pax
8:10AM - Fastcraft Weesam Express going to Bacolod, fare is Php250/pax plus Php30 terminal fee
10:00AM - Arrival at Bacolod Port
10:10AM - Jeep going to Ceres North Terminal, fare is Php25/pax
10:20AM - Lunch at Ceres North Terminal
10:50AM - Bus going to Cadiz, fare is Php105
12:00NN - Burgos Public Market, tricycle going to Lakawon, fare is Php120/tricycle
12:30PM - Port going to Lakawon Island, Registration Php320 (including RT boat transfer), Tawhai Floating Bar Php250
1-4PM - Enjoy Lakawon Island, Photo ops (boats back to the port are up to 4pm only)
4:30PM - Rented a car going back to the city, fare is Php300/pax
6:15PM - Arrival at Bacolod Port
8:00PM - Tristar RORO going to Dumangas Port, fare is Php70/pax plus Php10 terminal fee
10:00PM - Arrival at Dumangas Port, ride tricycle going to Tagbak Terminal, fare is Php80/pax
10:45PM - Overnight at the terminal

📒 Notes:
• There are other options for fastcraft going to Bacolod, depending on the time of departure and the price - Supercat (cheapest), OceanJet, Weesam Express. Fastcraft from Iloilo to Bacolod v.v is from 6:00AM to 5:15PM.
• From Lakawon, you may opt to go back to Burgos Public Market and wait for Ceres Bus back to the North Terminal. As for me, since I met four new friends in the island, we rented a car and the driver dropped us off to our own destinations.
• If you missed the last trip of fastcraft, you can wait for the RORO for evening trip - Montrenegro (Php160) and Tristar (Php70). There are trips every hour.
• Cheap accommodations are in the city, almost an hour away from the terminal (except if you'll be riding a taxi) so I decided to stay overnight in the terminal and wait for the first trip at around 3-4AM.

⏰ Day 2 - Isla de Gigantes, Iloilo
4:00AM - Van going to Carles Port, fare is Php200/pax
7:30AM - Arrival at Carles Port
8:30AM - Isla de Gigantes Tour, Php999 (island hopping including lunch)
-Pulupandan Islet
-Antonia Beach
-Bantigue Sandbar
-Cabugao Gamay
-Tange Lagoon
4:00PM - End of tour
4:40PM - Ceres bus back to Tagbak, fare is Php177/pax
8:30PM - Arrival at Ceres Bus Terminal
9:00PM - Meterred taxi going to Ong Bun Pension House, fare is Php180
9:20PM - Check in at Ong Bun, single fan room is Php330/night

📒 Notes:
• For hassle free Gigantes tour, contact Rhett Paul Bolivar 09989816812.
• You can ask Ong Bun for room reservation without prepayment, contact number 09104335048.
• You may opt to ride a bus going to Carles Port, but I suggest to take the van for faster and more comfortable transport.

⏰ Day 3 - Malalison Island, Antique
4:30AM - Jeep going to Molo Terminal, fare is Php8/pax
5:00AM - Bus going to Culasi Port, fare is Php235/pax
9:30AM - Boat going to Malalison Island, fare is Php150/pax round-trip
10:00AM - Malalison Island Tour
3:00PM - Back to Culasi Port
3:15PM - Habal going to Tibiao Kawa Bath, I paid Php300
4:00PM - Arrival at Tibiao Kawa Bath
5:00PM - Bus going back to Iloilo, fare is Php177/pax
10:00PM -Arrival at Molo Terminal
10:15PM - Jeep going to Ong Bun, fare is Php8

📒 Notes:
• You may opt to ride a van going to Culasi Port, fare ranges from Php250-300.
• For hassle free Malalison Tour with Tibiao Kawa Bath sidetrip, contact Kuya Carlito 09264252926.
• Tour guide for Malalison trek is Php250.
• La Escapo Kawa Bath is Php250 good for one hour. They also have river tubing for Php400. If you want to stay overnight, accommodation is Php250/pax.
• You can also hire a guide going to the rice terraces (near La Escapo) for Php100.
• Poor internet signal in Tibiao so I decided to go back to Iloilo.

⏰ Day 4 - Garin Farm Pilgrimage and Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary
6:00AM - Jeep to San Joaquin, drop off tricycle terminal going to Garin Farm, fare is Php60/pax
8:30AM - Arrival at Garin Farm, fare is Php50/tricycle, sight seeing is Php150/pax
10:30AM - Jeep going to Kuliatan, fare is Php20/pax
11:30AM - Arrival at Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary, Entrance Fee Php50/pax
3:00PM - Jeep going back to the City, fare is Php160/pax
6:00PM - Arrival at Iloilo City, free time

📒 Notes:
• Jeepney terminal is located at the supermarket near Robinson's.
• It is advisable to wear sunglasses in Garin Farm because all you can see there is white, plus the sun is hitting the statues. Also, have some sunblock and bring water upstairs.
• If you're planning to stay long in Kuliatan Sanctuary, bring enough food because there are no stores near the area.
• You can also rent a "Kubo", Php250 for daytour until 6PM, Php500 if you're staying overnight for 12 hours, and Php750 for 24 hours stay.

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