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Palaya Natural Farm

From: Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

To: Tanay, Rizal, Philippines

Travel Date: June 01, 2019

2 days travel

Posted by amiramaeramirez

This just an overnight chill on weekends. We craved for inner peace and relaxation. Then we found out about this place , Palaya Natural Farm . I've heard about this last year but didn't have the chance to get there.

There are a lot of beautiful places in Tanay. I got many choices like Treasure mountain and El Patio. However, we were wanting to avoid the crowd. So we chose Palaya Natural Farm :)

This farm is actually for the oldies . Hehehehe. It's all organic, boring, nothing to do much. No signal, No wifi . But that's what we're looking for. Disconnecting from all the city stress . Organic bec of their foods straight from the farm. Boring and nothing to do much bec all you need to do is to feel the nature . At night , you will witness the starry skies :)

It's cheaper when travelling with your group. We were only 2 so transpo expenses were way expensive

Itinerary 2 days travel

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