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Mystic Island of Siquijor

From: Bohol, Philippines

To: Siquijor, Philippines

Travel Date: August 19, 2018

3 days travel

Posted by yosiebertmraz-carosussolarte

Cursed. It is the word that has long been haunting and has long been related whenever I hear Siquijor. Witchcraft, voodoo dolls and all the supernatural are merely some of the “mystic” traditions that have been associated to it. Little known by many, Siquijor offers more than the mystic stories that has been circulating. Keep on reading and join me as I will unfold the beauty that it offers.

We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. From Tagbilaran port, we took a ride on OceanJet (P700 one way) and arrived (Larena,Siquijor) within an hour. Upon arrival, we hired a trike (P800) to take us to San Juan, Siquijor where out hotel is located. The travel time was approximately 20 minutes.

Below are the activities we had from day one until the third day.

1st Day Activity (Upon hotel arrival 2PM)

✅Checked in to the hotel: Tropical FunTaSea

I have visited multiple hotels but so far, this hotel has the best staffs! Hands down!
✅Went to the Beach to have a little swim and waited until sunset

Good thing our hotel is beachfront and the beach is few steps away from our room.

✅Sunset watching

✅Had our Dinner near the beach

✅Had a few drinks and chilled by the beach under the perfect constellation

✅Prepared our stuffs for the next day activity

2nd Day Activity

✅Checked Out early since we will be transferring to another place (7AM)

✅Hired a “multicab” (cost P2000)

📎It can fit upto 12 passengers and the driver will tour you around Siquijor

✅Here is the list of the spots that we visited:
1. Capilay Spring Park
2. Old Enchanted Balete Tree

📎Aside from taking picture of the tree, you will get to experience dipping your feet on sort of like a fishpond and have a mini fish spa.

3. Hapitan Broomshot Challenge

4. Lazi Convent

5. Cambugahay Falls

6. Salagdoong Beach

📎The beach view is great but I do not highly suggest on having your lunch there. Aside from overpriced menus with foods below mediocre taste, the staffs are very unprofessional. You may ask your driver or tour guide to have your lunch to other place.

7. Cang-isok Century Old House

8. Guiwanon Spring Park

✅Checked in to Glamping Siquijor
Good for two: P1, 900
Good for four:P2,500
Good for five:P4,500
Good for six: P5,000
Good for seven: P5,500
Good for eight: P6,000
Good for nine: P6,500
Good for ten: P7,000
Good for eleven: P7,500
Good for twelve: P8,000

Price to be honest is kind of expensive. But the experience is definitely worth it.

✅Waited for another awesome sunset.

✅Bought fish and then grilled it

📎The hotel staffs prepare the grilling paraphernalia for you.

✅Had a drink and again, enjoyed chilling under constellation.

3rd day Activity

✅Woke up early, had doughnut and brewed coffee for breakfast (free breakfast)
✅Went to the sea to have a little swim

📎When we went there, it was during an Amihan season. The sea and the shoreline were kind of messed up with sea grass.

✅Packed our bag
✅Checked Out (11AM)
✅Headed to Pasalubong Center just beside Larena, Siquijor Port
✅Bound for Bohol 12.40PM still via OceanJet

Other Activities you may enjoy:
✅Church visits
1. St. Isidore Labrador Church
2. Our Lady of Divine Providence Church
3. St. Francis of Assisi Church
✅Beach Hopping
1. Paliton Beach
2. Kagusuan Beach
3. Tubod Beach

✅If you guys are a couple or a group of four and know how to ride a scooter, I highly suggest renting one since it only costs P300/24 hours
✅If hiring private vehicles, ask if they have tourism ID.
Trike: 09355964913
Multicab: 09264072461
Siquijor surely is a bucketlist worthy place to go to. Awesome beaches, rich culture, good people, beautiful sceneries and the sunset, oh the sunset, one of the best so far.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or dm me at:
Email: iamyosiebert@gmail.com
Instagram: yosiesolarte

Thank you for reading up until the end! Till the next blog! Have an awesome day! 😊

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