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Mt. Maculot Traverse

From: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

To: Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines

Travel Date: October 14, 2018

1 day travel

Posted by Karenthewanderer

One of the famous destination in Cuenca, Batangas specially for those who want to escape the toxic city and inhale some fresh air from our mother nature. Known for its picturesque view of Taal Lake and its very own Taal volcano crater. The breathtaking scenery from the top of the mountain is just enough for everybody to try this adventure whether you are a beginner or a seasoned hikers. This hike-worthy should be on the bucketlist of every wannabe hikers and to those who just recently started hiking. It is not that easy as you may encounter a lot of assault going up, but, All I can promised is a Instagrammable view you'll ever witness.

Major Jump-off: Brgy. Siete, Cuenca Batangas
Exit Point: Brgy. Singko, Cuenca Batangas
LLA: 13°55 N; 12°2 E; 930 MASL (Summit) / 706 MASL (Rockies)
Days required / Hours to Summit / Rockies: 1 day | 1-2 hours | 1-2 hours
Specs: Minor, Difficulty 1-3 Trail class | 4/9 Traverse | 3/9 Rockies
Features: Scenic view of Taal Lake, Rock formations and forest

We left Manila around 1:30am. Definitely a super early trip we could possibly experience when we are going on a day hike. Some people may just lie down in their bed but we, we were all ready for another great adventure and share a worthy experience in Mt. Maculot. We arrived at Cuenca Municipal Hall for registration. Some of my colleagues got the opportunity to take some breakfast before the start of hiking. There is a store hiding beside the Municipal Hall where you can sip your favorite coffee and change for your hiking gear. After taking breakfast we immediately headed to the way going to the grotto and prayed for the safety of each other.

Mt. Maculot has three destinations. If your going to do the reverse traverse just like we did, you will be heading first to Grotto from Brgy Siete.

♻ THE GROTTO (Our Lady of Lourdes)

Definitely one of the best scenery when you climb Mt. Maculot, perfect spot for the stunning sunrise while watching it going up and taking the dark side of Batangas. It took almost or I think It's 2 hours before we reach the grotto. It has 1000 stair steps and 14 stations. Each station represents the passion of the Christ or a final period in the life of Jesus leading to his crucifixion on Mount Calvary. As we always did in every travel, We spent almost an hour in Grotto taking pictures, resting and eating our breakfast. There is a small store just a few steps away from Grotto where you can buy Pancit Canton and water if you didn't brought any for yourself.


This part is the hardest one for me. It really requires a great strength and more stamina since this trail has a lot of inclined ladder with rocks, a rug of trees and rappelling.You will encounter a rocky part in the trail so better to wear gloves for your protection against sharp-edges rocks and stones. Rappelling was the longest way up not because it's too high, but because, we need to fall in line before we start to rappel. Ang daming tao, and most of the hikers are not that well experienced in rappelling so it could really took too much time for them to go up. After that is a non-stop gapang going up. Better be prepared going up to Summit because it'll really leave you exhausted.
Around 8:05 AM when we reach the summit. While approaching the summit, the view of the lake can already be seen from our vantage point. Unfortunately, the voluminous fogs started to take over the panoramic view that’s why we were not able to see its beauty for the long period of time so we decided to descent after taking selfies and groupies then we headed to our last destination, the Rockies which is just 30 to 1 hour away from the summit. Must try the fresh buko Juice which will cost you around 40php for the malaking baso, and 25php para sa maliit. Guys, wag na tumawad kasi they are struggling to lift their paninda and the taste is worthy naman for 40 pesos.


The ever famous 706 MASL was our last stop. I was so excited to reach the Rockies because I've seen a lot of Instragram-worthy pose in this particular spot. But, the way up to Rockies was a bit shocking and unexpected. I honestly have fear of heights and this one was out of my expectation. But of course, there is no way that I will turn my back to the highlight of the day. Thank goodness to our gentle tour guides for making sure that we will be safe going up. The Rockies is basically a rock formation situated at the side of Mt. Maculot that creates a scenic view of Taal Lake with the magnificent view of the world-famous Taal Volcano.
I am so speechless! 🏔❤

Finally, another bucket list has been unlocked! Thank you to our tour guide and Organizer Sir Mark and Ma'am Sheryl together with our funny guide Michael a.k.a 19-yr old boy who unbelievably way too noisy yet entertaining at the same time.. Sobrang kulit!


When we arrived at the base camp, some of us take a bath and some just washed. They do have bathroom and it cost 20Php for every pail of water and then we headed to one of the famous Lomi house in Batangas, the G2B Lomi House. Super delicious yet affordable. Pwedeng-pwede sa mga patay gutom because for only 320PHP, overloading na ang toppings and Lomi noodles good for Barkada. It was once featured in KMJS as far as I can remember so it became more famous for locals and tourist.


750PHP/ Pax

Van Transfer Manila-Batangas-Batangas-Manila
Tour guide fee
Environmental fee / Registration fee


Bag tag
Free Lomi


0100 Meet up at Shaw
0130 ETD from manila
0330 ETA Cuenca Muncipal Hall, Register/ Breakfast
0400 Start trek
0600 arrive at grotto, take pictures
0630 ETD Going to summit
0800 ETA to summit
0830 ETD going to rockies
1200 ETA Rockies/ lunch/ line up
0200 Rockies photo ops
0300 ETD
0530 Arrival at jumpoff/ Wash up
0630 Lomi Time
0715 TD Going to Manila


Bring a lot of water (At least 2 liters)
Energy drink (Gatorade)
Hand Gloves
Trek Pole
Extra clothes
Basic First Aid Kit/Personal Meds
Trail foods(Chocolate/ jelly ace)
Packed lunch highly recommended
Garbage Bag (Leave no trace)
Extra clothes
Cameras (Actioncam, Phone, DSLR, etc)
Extra money
Sun Block

Itinerary 1 day travel

Travel Expenses