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Malabrigo Pebble Beach

From: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

To: Lobo, Batangas, Philippines

Travel Date: May 12, 2018

2 days travel

Posted by markgatus

Looking for a peaceful place to spend your vacation? Check this pebble beach located in Barangay Malabrigo, Lobo Batangas. Unlike other crowded beaches near Manila, this unspoiled beach is perfect for soul-searching, or just beach bumming.

Day 1
2:00 Departure at ALPS Bus Terminal Cubao
5:00 Arrival at Batangas Grand Terminal
5:25 Arrival at Sentro
5:45 Arrival at SM Batangas
6:45 Arrival at Lobo Bayan
7:20 Arrival at Brgy. Malabrigo
7:30 Check-in at Punta Malabrigo
8:00 Breakfast / Free-time / Rest
9:00 Pictorial / Swimming
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Beach Bumming
16:00 Pack-up and Trek going to Lighthouse
16:20 Photo ops at Malabrigo Lighthouse
16:45 Check-in at La Cueva
17:00 Pictorial while waiting for sunset
19:00 Dinner / Socials
22:00 Lights-off
Day 2
2:00 Break Camp
3:30 Lobo Bayan
4:00 Departure of DLTB Bus
7:30 Taft/Buendia Bus terminal

✔ There are lots of eatery and sari-sari store outside (I suggest Tita Rose’s Eatery), but you can use the grilling area of Punta Malabrigo for free
✔ There are power outlets in La Cueva’s Cottages
✔ Clean restrooms and shower rooms
❌ Poor internet signal, so better put your phone on airplane mode and enjoy the solemnity and peacefulness of the place
⏰ Our initial plan is to have a day tour in Malabrigo, however, we really enjoyed the beach and decided to stay overnight. Mang Pancho of La Cueva gave us a discounted offer for our overnight stay, P500 for the Cottage and P70 per head for the entrance including environmental fee.

How to get there:
🚌 ALPS Bus from Cubao to Batangas Grand Terminal – P165
🚍 Jeep from Batangas Grand Terminal to Sentro – P12
🚍 Jeep from Sentro to SM Batangas – P12
or Tricycle from Sentro to SM Batangas – P120 (max of 5 pax)
or Tricycle from BGT to SM Batangas – P200 (max of 5 pax)
🚍 Jeep from SM Batangas to Lobo Bayan – P55
🚦Tricycle from Lobo Bayan to Brgy. Malabrigo – P140
🚦Tricycle from Brgy. Malabrigo to Lobo Bayan (overnight stay) – P300-400 (max of 5 pax)
🚌 DLTB Bus from Lobo Bayan to Taft/Buendia Bus terminal – P239

🚌 ALPS Bus operation is 24 hours, you may opt to ride any bus bound to Batangas Grand Terminal.
🚶For day tour, make sure to leave Brgy. Malabrigo before 4:00pm. Last trip of jeep from Lobo Bayan to SM Batangas is at 5:15pm. Last trip of buses from BGT is 8pm.
⛺ For overnight stay, hire a tricycle and inform the driver that you’ll leave at 2-3am.There’s a DLTB bus bound to Taft Terminal in Lobo Bayan. Its operation is only once a day and will leave at 4am.
🚋 If you missed the DLTB bus, you need to go back to SM Batangas and ride a jeep going to Batangas Grand Terminal.

Where to Stay:
🏠 Punta Malabrigo (09165588487)
Entrance fee – P100
Environmental fee – P20
Cottage (day tour) – P1,000-1,500
Aircon Rooms (overnight) – P3,000-3,500
🏡 La Cueva Picnic Groove (09184170670)
Entrance fee – P100
Environmental fee – P20
Cottage (overnight) – P1,000-1,500
Tent rental – P500

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