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Hong Kong

From: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

To: HongKong, Hong Kong

Travel Date: October 30, 2017

4 days travel

Posted by Karenthewanderer

Hong Kong has a big special hole in my heart that no one can fill, probably because it was my very first international tour and the very first foreign country I explore with my family. It’s like fulfilling a childhood dream when we went to Hong Kong Disneyland. you know, as a walt disney fanatic, this place is a-must visit. it was beyond magical. If you dream of traveling to Hong Kong, have the courage to pursue it. As Walt Disney said it, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”. Hong Kong is rich with picturesque cityscapes and notorious architecture, it has a lot to offer and I'm sure that you'll fall in love not just with the unlimited beautiful places that Hong Kong offers, but you'll fell in love as well with It's locals and food haha.

Travel Checklist: I've list down the things you need to have a perfect Hong Kong tour.

✔ MTR Tourist Day Pass - 65HKD

- A day pass exclusively for tourists visiting Hong Kong
- Quick and simple pick up straight from Hong Kong International Airport
- Unlimited rides on the MTR and MTR Light Rail network
- Ride on the efficient MTR system and avoid the traffic

The MTR System of Hong Kong is the fastest way to get around the city, and gives you easy access to hotels, sightseeing destinations and shopping areas. It consists of 155 stations, 87 railway stations and 68 light rail stops taking up over nine main MTR lines which takes you to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.It was fast and efficient plus it was well maintained and clean as well.

(Check their map)

✔ Octopus Card - 150HKD

It is one of the best card you can use for transportation either bus or MTR which is very convenient because you only need to tap it and there you go, that's it!! You can also used this card when you go to 7/11 and some other stores also accept Octopus card for payment.

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✔ 4G Sim Card - 125HKD

To keep your friends updated on you trip, this 4G Sim Card is a must on your trip. Though sometimes, you can spot a wifi sa mga malls or train station, It will be as slow as turtle. So this 4G Sim Card will help you to stay connected for 8 days

Get yours via klook and get big discounts: 4G or 3G SIM Card (HK Airport Pick Up) for Hong Kong HKG pick up for 8 days of unlimited 3G


Day 01: Arrival at Hong kong International Airport

7:00am - Waiting for our Tour guide

Our tour bus was a bit late so we stayed at the Airport for quite so long than the stated time of pick-up in our itinerary. I think we've waited for an hour for the tour guide and another hour for the tour bus.

10:30am - Departure from Airport to Hotel
2:00pm - Hotel Check in at Mexan Harbour Hotel, Tsing Yi.
3:00pm - Free time! Sight seeing around Tsing Yi and window shopping. Kain dito, kain doon. 😂
6:00pm - Setting the sun, rest and change clothes para may energy bukas

Day 02: City Tour

7:00am - Breakfast

Our hotel gave us a voucher worth 20HKD for our breakfast which is not enough to get you a meal so we just add cash para makakain kami. Their food will cost you around 29HKD above depends on your meal.

8:00am - Tour Bus Pick-up
Where we went:
🔅 Garden of Stars
🔅 Aberdeen Fishing Village
🔅 Mid-level of Victoria Peak
🔅 Jewelry Shop
🔅 Sky 100 (observation deck)

9:00pm - Dinner at Hotel (own pax)
10:00pm - Bed time

Day 03: Disneyland

7:00am - Breakfast
8:00am - Pick-up to Disneyland

Attractions to enjoy:

🔅Mystic Point
Mystic Point is a world exclusive themed land with original experience that brings Guests on a truly mysterious
adventure. You will be invited to explore Lord Henry Mystic‟s private collection, within his stately Victorian Home
known as Mystic Manor. Board on his latest invention “Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage” and engage all your
senses to discover for yourself what is real and what is not!
🔅 Grizzly Gulch
Be a Wild West pioneer and explore the one-of-a-kind Grizzly Gulch! You can board the unique, innovative, high-
speed and multidirectional terrain-style coaster, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, to embark on an

unexpected runaway adventure. Explore attractions like Geyser Gulch, the Assay Office and The Old Jail, and be
ready to receive an authentic welcome from the local residents at the Grizzly Gulch Welcome Wagon Show!
🔅 Toy Story Land
Toy Story Land is the Disney. Pixar themed play area for guests of all ages where you can find the BIGGEST new
attractions at Hong Kong Disneyland. They‟re GIANT - when you‟re shrunk to the size of a toy! Join the toys from
your favorite Toy Story films for playtime in Andy‟s backyard where everyone can explore this oversized world with
its three larger-than-life rides.
Laugh, play, shop and dine on this picturesque boulevard of dreams which Walt Disney envisioned as Americas
hometown. This quaint boulevard exudes the small-town charm of more than one hundred years ago. Here you can
join the innovative and lively Flights of Fantasy Parade, be amazed as Mickey‟s magical airship followed by Disney
Characters in a sky-high celebration. When night falls, watch the spectacular “Disney in the Stars” fireworks lighting
up the sky!
🔅 Fantasy Land
For all children and children at heart, you will immerse yourself in the place where Disney stories come to life.
Journey through to meet princesses, go „round and „round on Cinderella Carousel and watch the fabulous Broadway-
style musical celebrating Disney movies – The Golden Mickeys!
🔅 Adventure Land
Venture deep into the heart of uncharted jungles. Exotic adventures await when you jump on a jungle boat at Jungle
River Cruise with the funny skipper. Don‟t miss the colorful pageant of music and dance in the live musical based on
“The Lion King” movie.
🔅 Tomorrow Land
Take a ride through the darkness on the indoor rollercoaster, Space Mountain at Tomorrow land! Then grab your laser
guns and compete with your VIPs as you blast enemy targets at Buzz LightyearAstro Blasters, don‟t miss to interact
with Stitch for some laughs in Space!

6:00pm - Back to Hotel

Day 04: Free time / Departure to Manila

Going around Nearby Mall in Mexan Harbour - Tying Yi. We spent the rest of our day in Mall where we got the chance to bought clothes and perfume and lesser price and of course, non-stop eating.

4:00pm - Departure to Manila

Important note:

* Book your hotel prior departure to Hong Kong. the immigration sometimes ask for your Hotel Voucher, so better be ready with some documents that is possible to be shown.
* If you are planning to visit Ocean park or Disneyland, I suggest to book your ticket via Klook to get discounted tickets.
* The food inside Disneyland is quite pricey and they won't allow any food or drinks coming from outside so you either eat a lot before you go to this theme park or buy a food or else magugutom ka talaga hahaha.
* Get a map. Sometimes or I think all of the hotels have maps of Hong Kong which will help you a lot when taking MTR. and it will save you from getting confuse on what line to take if you are going somewhere.
* Hong Kong Socket. When in Hong Kong, you need to have the type G socket (the 3-pin rectangular blade plug). Electricity is 220 Volts at 50 Hertz. You can purchase adapters from the mall, hardware stores or convenience stores, but keep in mind that it will not convert voltage or frequency. We were shookt to know thisbut i think, the adoptor was 20HKD. I'm Shookt! you need this, so if you have this kind of adoptor at home, better bring it or else hindi ka makakapag-charge.

Best time to visit Hongkong:

SPRING – Spring in Hong Kong falls around the months of March to May. Hong Kong is quite humid and rainy during this season.

SUMMER – Summer in Hong Kong is hot and humid and falls around June to September. Storms are also typical around these months.

AUTUMN – Fall in Hong Kong is around November to December is a pleasant season to travel to the country. The weather is not too hot or humid and not rainy.

WINTER – Winter in Hong Kong is around January to February, but fret not as the weather is typically mild at day time. However, bring jacket/coat as the temperature can get cold at night

Enjoy your Hong Kong Tour! Thank you for reading

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