How to join a contest

1Go to My Travels and click the Join Contests tab.

2On the contest section, select a contest that has a status of OPEN

3Select a travel post you want to submit to the contest then click Submit button.

4Once you have successfully joined a contest your submitted travel post will appear on the bottom section of the page.

Note: You can only submit 1 travel post to a contest. Posts submitted in contests can still be edited but can no longer be deleted. See terms and conditions for more info.

Check if your winning

We have provided a page for contestants to view the number of shares, reaction count, and etc. of the post they have submitted to a contest.

Note: All Facebook shares and reactions count displayed in the contests page may not be in real time.

Sum of ratings

Sum of ratings will assess the number of interested travelers to your post as well as the quality of your post. This criterion is measured by adding each user rating in your post.

Facebook share and reaction count

We integrated a Facebook program on our website that determines the total number of shares and reactions of a travel post link shared on Facebook. We would discourage bots and automatic Facebook Likes as these are not authentic and basically defeats our main purpose in hosting contests. Entry will garner a zero (0%) rating for "Facebook share and reaction count" criterion if we trace irregularities such as use of bots (fake share count | Facebook auto likes). See more information in our terms and conditions page.

Travel post content, legitimacy and genuiness

Travel posts will be blocked or deleted if any trace of plagarism is detected. Our team will be manually checking each entry as well. For more information go to our Help Center or Contact Us.


Posts submitted in a contest can still be edited as long as the contest is ongoing. Once the contest is closed all posts submitted to that contest can no longer be edited or deleted.