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San aabot Php 6000 mo sa loob ng 5 days? 🌴🌻🍉 Nakarating at naikot ko ang cebu mula south to north tara samahan mo ako i explore ang ganda ng Cebu Queen City of the South......

From: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

To: Cebu, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Travel Date: September 14, 2018

5 days travel

Posted by raymartromualdo

San aabot Php 6000 mo sa loob ng 5 days? 🌴🌻🍉
Nakarating at naikot ko ang cebu mula south to north tara samahan mo ako i explore ang ganda ng Cebu Queen City of the South......

First stop ...

📍Mactan Airport Terminal 1 ✈️

Day 1:
📍Airport going to South bus station ✈️🚎
there are lanes for metered taxi and also for grab so since late na din nag grab na lang ako.. cost Php 289. 20-30mins byahe

then pag dating ng south station meron nang byahe.
around 12mn

🚎 South Station Bus to Oslob/Sumilon Php 200.00
roughly 3-4 hrs. ang byahe, so baon ka neck pillow 😂 for sure tulog ka sa buong byahe mo.
So when I reach Oslob/sumilon medyo dark pa alanganin http://din.so i waited for 1hr up until sunrise pero hindi ako pinag bigyan dahil bokya ako hahaha kasi umulan na tiempo na may bagyo wala cancelled tlga ng trip nun kahit sa ibaba ng oslob hindi na din kasi pwede daungan ng mga bangka malakas Alon.

👉 Oslob and Sumilon activities
Payments for Oslob whale watching are listed below:
Oslob. Register for whale shark watching.
Php 100 entrance fee
Php 300 watching
Php 20 dive
Php 25 snorkel gear (optional)
Swim with the whale sharks
Total of Php 445

📍Bato to Moalboal
Then I ride a bus going to bato
cost Php 66 connecting to Moalboal wala kasing direct eh so yun yung last choice nyo or trisikad na Php 1200 one way hahahha…
and nung nasa moalboal na ako nag rent nalang ng trisikad
Php 100 each.

📍 Moalboal
Trisikad driver kuya Arnel- 0997-334-8039
kuya is also offering mga transient and tour just ask him na lang sa discount 🙂 mabait sya

And for the lodging sa mga hindi picky sa bahay i suggest Bamboo hut cost Php 589 per day not bad for those who are in low budget. meron common Cr at shower room malinis sila and they provide towels, toothbrush and body soap.
Bamboo Huts Ms Dulce - Contact no# 0916-344-5211
location Moalboal Basdiot Panagsama Moalboal
Cebu City 6032

👉 Moalboal activities: 🌏🗾⚓🇵🇭🇪🇸
⚓ Enjoy the best beaches
⚓Basdaku Beach
⚓boat rentals
⚓scuba diving with sardines and turtle
⚓surf fishing
⚓kite surfing, and more
⚓Hiking at dalaguete
( Nag punta kami sa osmena peak mabilis lang naman pero you have two choices it's either mag hike ka tlga from dalaguete or mag motor ka from badian)
Kuya Ladi contact no# 0916-168-8900 (PS sya din guide namin sa kawasan and he's a good photographer he knows how to use Iphone and Go pro promise..

⚓Go diving with the Cebu Dive Centre
⚓Visit the nearby island of Pescador
⚓ Enjoy nightlife by the beach so when we are there we went to Chillis tabi tabi lang naman kasi mga bar dun ayun nga dala ka ng malaki medyo pricey kasi yung food.)
⚓Rent a Motorcycle - Php 300 plus gas 150 for exploring the city
⚓Food madami food stall dun like nasa around Php 120 breakfast and dinner good for two na yun as meal so hindi ka magugutom hahaha.

Day 2. Yes canyoneering na.... talon talon more 🌴🏃‍♂️
📍 Kawasan Badian.
So from Moalboal kung marunong ka naman mag drive ng motor much better para hawak mo yung time mo, so ako nag drive na lang sayang kasi eh if commute naman meron Php 77 from Moalboal

Then we arrived there at 10AM to start the half canyoneering nag hahabol din kasi oras

👉 Badian Activities.
📍 Dolphin Watching (Optional)
📍 Whale Shark Watching Php. 2500 per pax
📍 Kawasan Waterfalls Tour Package
1600/ 800 each 4 falls
2500 full canyoneering contact at the top.
📍 Island Hopping (Optional)
📍 Picnic at the Coral Garden (Optional)
📍Badian Bay Cruising (Optional)
📍 Barbecue by the Jungle by the Sea (Optional)
📍Thalasso Waterfalls and Pools (Optional)
📍 Yoga and Wellness Exercises (Optional)
📍 Badian Natural Spa Village (Optional)
📍Water Sports Fun (Optional)
📍 Diving (Optional)
*Rates varies depending on the months and occasion

City trip pero kumain lang kami sa
📍Driveway Larangan & Seafood Street sa V. Rama.
Get Directions
518 Quijano Compound, V. Rama Ave. Calamba, Cebu City
Cebu City 6000
0923 511 9938
Filipino Restaurant · Diner · Drive In Restaurant
Hours 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Open Now
👉 199 Monday to Thursday
👉 299 Friday to Sunday
after the lapang mode eh byahe na ulit going to bus station
Grab Php. 110
O1k-C Php 7- 14 pesos

👉Cebu City Activities
📍 Simala Church
📍Sirao Flower Farm
📍Temple of Leah
📍 Taoist Temple
📍 Pedro Calungsod Church
📍SM Seaside
📍Magelan's Cross
📍 Sto. Nino Church
📍 Pari-an Monument
📍 Old House
📍 Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Day 3-5
📍North Bus Station to Bantayan or Hagnaya
👉 Bus Fare
Ceres bus cost Php 180 North Bus Station to hagnaya
Ceres bus cost Php 200 North Bus Station to Bantayan
Roro Fare cost Php 180 Hagnaya to Bantayan
Travel time 3-4 hrs.

Then we rent a house near the port Sta Fe.
📍7 Seven Stars Hosted by Nay Lucia
0943-367-5309/ Smart
Villaceran St. Talisay Sta Fe.
Check-in for this home is
between 12PM (noon) and
11PM and checkout is at 11AM.
book at AirBnb para mas discount
Room rates
Php 700- Php 800 per night / air con at own Cr and veranda

PS. Nay Lucia offers everything from tour to transient and to used of Motorcycle and also she has a groceries store so hindi kana mahirapan bumili pero if you choose na madami mabili punta ka ng Kota may market dun.

In my first day at bantayan nag hanap muna ako ng mga pwedng puntahan sa first stop ko was

📍Omagieca Obo-ob Mangrove Garden
A nice two-hour adventure on Bantayan Island is the Obo-ob Mangrove Eco Park.
The eco park has a bamboo walkway through the mangroves which makes for a refreshing stroll with good photo opportunities.

Adults – 50 pesos
Students and Children – 20 pesos
Kayaking – 150 pesos
Boating – 350 pesos

From Santa Fe, travel on Santa Fe – Bantayan Road toward Bantayan Municipality.
Pass under the “Welcome to Bantayan” sign and start looking for Obo-ob Road on your left
Turn left on Obo-ob Road. There are a couple of signs there that mention the eco park.
The Mangrove Eco Park will be down on your right.
You can also go kayaking or take a tour of the mangroves on a small boat.
Its kinda similar to Vietnam yung mangrove nila dun so we took also photos of the place maganda kasi they offer also the cap para hindi ka mainitan sa lugar kasi lalakad ka sa gitna ng bakawan. pwede ka din mag pakain ng mga fish and mamangka pag high tide so nung pumunta ako medyo low tide pa eh

📍Paradise Beach and Ruins also Ogtong cave
Paradise Beach is a beautiful, secluded strip of sand that is worth spending a day on. It’s a place where you can genuinely relax and enjoy the serenity of the moment.
The water is crystal clear for swimming.
It’s a perfect setting to work on your tan because you are away from any foot traffic passing through.

📍 Paradise Beach 50 pesos for adults , 25 pesos for children
📍 Ruin Free
📍 Ogtong Cave Php 200
The beach is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily.
There is no food or drink available at Paradise Beach so you will need to bring your own refreshments.

You can get there on a motorbike or by pump boat.
If you plan to take a lot of gear, a cooler, and small children, it’s probably easier to go via pump boat. They’ll deliver you right to the beach. Ask your resort to arrange a pump boat for you. The boat captain will stand by until you’re ready to head back to your room.
On a motorbike, you have to park and then walk about ten minutes.
It’s an easy walk if you are just carrying a backpack but you wouldn’t want to carry a heavy cooler that far.

📍St Peter and Paul Church, Bantayan Island Philippines
St Peter and Paul Church Bantayan Island-save
One of the many things to do on Bantayan Island is to visit the St Peter and Paul Church located in the heart of Bantayan City.
Bantayan Island is the seat of the first and therefore oldest Parish in Visayas and Mindanao founded in 1580.
The original church was built under Spanish rule and was used as a first stop for priests entering the country. Here they would learn the language and culture before being sent out to various parts of the Philippines.

👉HOW TO GET TO St Peter and Paul Church, Bantayan
From Santa Fe, travel on Santa Fe – I drove Bantayan Road toward Bantayan Municipality.
Pass under the “Welcome to Bantayan” sign and start looking for the straight way
There are a couple of signs there that mention the Sts Peter and Paul parish.

Day 4
📍Bontay Baywalk, Fort of Kota Park located at Madridejos
Located close to Cebu, one of the country's most populous areas, Bantayan Island is known as a hub of fishing and poultry farming, two industries that play a major role in feeding the Philippine population. You'll find little to do on a Bantayan Island vacation

👉HOW TO GET TO Bontay Baywalk, Fort of Kota Park located at Madridejos
The best way to go there is to rent a motorbike (P250 for 4 hours). Getting there is easy thru motorbike is a breeze because the main highway is paved and straight. And for better appreciation of the entire island, you can take the road of Sillon on the east coast when you head back to Santa Fe.
if ever you have your motor you can just drive approximately 1hr and 30mins of drive from Sta Fe to Madridejos

👉 Bantayan Activities
📍Sky diving
📍Paradise Beach
📍Ogtong cave
📍St Peter and Paul Church
📍Virgin Island
📍Kota Beach
📍Omagieca Mangrove Garden
📍Santa Fe Butterfly Garden
📍Marikaban Beach
📍Bontay Baywalk
📍Fort of Kota Park

PS. excluded the airfare
Pal Express Php 1420
CebPac Php 980
That's the end of my 5 days trip

Itinerary 5 days travel

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