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Conquering Negros

From: Cebu, Philippines

To: Negros, Philippines

Travel Date: August 06, 2018

5 days travel

Posted by venzlester

Greetings everyone! I recently posted my travel photos in social media about how I fell in love with Negros and I was really amazed by the comments I received. A lot of you are requesting and would love to know some ideas of how wonderful Negros is, so, I decided to make a small blog and itinerary about it. Our destinations involved the following places: Duamguete, Perth Paradise Resort, Tinagong Dagat, Campuestohan Highland Resort, The Ruins, and Lakawon Island.

NOTE: You can see my travel itinerary and expenses at the bottom of this page.


Dumaguete is my favourite place to chill and I've been visiting this place for almost 10 times already. So, we did not do much in Dumaguete instead we simply strolled around the City during the night. The city is famous for their bars, restaurants, distros and live bands. It's always a very lively night when I am in here! You can have romantic walks and sweet talks at their boulevard then eat some Balot and Tempura while enjoying the fresh sea breeze. During morning, be sure to try out their hot choco with puto and budbud located at their public market. Don't forget to grab one of their very famous Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries.

For commuters, here is how to go to this place. Starting point is at Cebu South Bus Terminal where you need to ride a Ceres Bus going to Lilo-an Port then you will need to ride a ferry boat to Sibulan Port. From there, you can just ride a tricycle going to Dumaguete City which is approximately 30 mins away.

Bus - around 200 PHP
Ferry Boat - around 60 PHP
Tricycle - negotiable

DAY 2 & 3

Next destination is, Sipalay! This place is about 4 hours of travel from Dumaguete City so we took off at 7AM. In the City, we booked a pension/lodging house (to save money) since their tourist spots are very accessible by tricycle and motorcycle which are only around 10 minutes away from the City. We visited two places which are, Perth Paradise Resort and Tinagong Dagat. No worries, they are only 5 minutes trip away from each other. Both tourist spots accept walk in guests for day use. They do have their own rooms for rent but I have no idea how much they cost since we did not avail for it. Google could give you a hand.

What to do in Sipalay?

Perth paradise is known with their "instagramable" infinity pool which I used as my album cover for this blog. They offer activities like kayaking and banana boat riding. Tinagong Dagat has their own pool too but it was under renovation during our visit. They have top viewing deck which gives you a breath taking view of Sipalay. Prepare your body because your endurance will be tested when climbing the peak of their resort which they call Latasan. Latasan is full of trees, not exposed to sun's heat and very windy which is perfect for taking a rest after the long climb. Both resort has their own restaurants which offer refreshments and meals. Once you're done exploring both places, make sure to visit their public beach near Sipalay City. You can see people playing sports and stuffs to make the bests of their moments on this place. You will also notice how vast their beach which is matching up the huge waves.

We ended day 3 by going to Bayawan City where my best friend resides. She invited us for her mother's birthday celebration which I can't decline since this will be the first time meeting her family. Bayawan is aabout 3 hours of travel from Sipalay City which is why we started our ride early around 1pm so we can catch up with the sunlight. Our visit to Bayawan City is unplanned and is not part of our blog so I decided not to post any photos about it. We ended renting another pension house since my friend has massive visitors. We did nothing much during the visit. Just a simple conversation, meeting new people, eat a lot of meal, drinks everywhere and ending our day with stomach full again.

For commuters, here are the information on how to go to Sipalay. You can go to Dumaguete Bus Terminal and look for a bus going directly to Sipalay, however, there are only limited schedules. The travel is approximately 4 hours.

Bus fare - around 290 PHP

Day 4

This will be another long trip for us because our next destination is almost 4 hours from Bayawan to Bacolod City. We decided to travel at early dawn because we need to visit 2 known places in Bacolod which are Campuestohan Highland Resort and The Ruins. We left the City around 5AM. Take note of this, our way to Bacolod is super scary at dawn because they do not have street lamps! It will only be my motorcycle and other vehicle's light are visible in the street. I can even count how many vehicle we have encountered and thats less than 10 of them! Moving forward, we arrived almost 10AM at Bacolod. The odd is against us this day because the weather is not good. We got stranded while looking for a place to eat for lunch, we got wet due to the rain and multiple of activities at Campuestohan are closed due to the bad weather! Nevertheless, we still made a lot of fun during our Bacolod stay. We were able to roam their malls, roam around the city, enjoying the scenery full of fog on our way to Campuestohan, sight seeing, picture taking at the resort, made some fun with the statues, having a sweet date at the The Ruins, sipping a cup of coffee, listening to the live band at the The Ruins and enjoying our road trip. There are really a lot of activities that you can do in these places and you can look for them through google for further information. We ended our day at Bacolod chilling at The Market Pub and walking at Bacolod City Hall.

For commuters, easy trip for you. You can directly go from Sipalay from Bacolod riding a Bus. You might need to wait for minutes since there are only limited scheduled buses.

Bus fare - around 200 PHP

Day 5

This will be the most exciting day for us because our next destination is Lakawon Island and it's floating bar! The island is almost 2 hours of travel from Bacolod. We gotta hurry because this will be the last day of our vacation and we have a schedule to catch up at San Carlos port. We arrived very early at Lakawon port which is a good thing since we do not have to wait for a long line. For the record, their port is very organized. You will need to follow some online registration steps before you can ride the boat. The boat travel time is below 30 minutes only. Your money will also be converted to a cash card because the island is cashless. You will be using your cash card for all purchases that you will do inside the Island and yes, it is refundable once you are done with your visit on the island. We converted our 2,000 PHP to a cash card.

What did we do?

Of course, we did a lot of photo shoot, video shoot, swimming and self relaxation! Fortunate for us, there was a kite boarding competition on going so we were so lucky to witness this amazing event! While taking some rest, we fell asleep at their open cottage where lovely music is being played. That is how refreshing and calm the place is! We, of course, did make sure not to miss their Tawhai Floating Bar. It opens around 10AM that occasionally travels around the island. You can just chill and feel the awesome ambiance. The floating bar lets you jump and dive from the boat corners to the water. They also have life vests in case one will need it. Lastly, there is a white sand bar available in the island which you can access by swimming from the floating bar to the sand bar. As much as we wanted, we need to leave the place on time. We ended are happiness at the island around 1PM since we need to be on time to catch up the schedule of barge at San Carlos Port. You will need to wait for a boat to dock before you can get back to Lakawon Port. Do not forget to request for a refund if you still have amount remaining in your cash card.

For commuters, this is how you can get here. They have Bacolod North Bus Terminal so you can find a bus going to Cadiz City. Travel time is around 2 hours. From the City, you can just look for a tricycle going to Lakawon Port which is really known to them and its just few minutes away.

Once done with the Lakawon Tour, you can just go back to the City since they have their own bus terminal. From there, you will need to ride a bus going to San Carlos Port and ride a boat going to Cebu, Toledo Port. I am not sure about the bus fare since I forgot to asks the locals and bus driver's during this time.

Bus fare - around 100 PHP
tricycle - negotiable

Worth it? YES! No dull moments and no money wasted on this vacation. As what you can see on this blog and other blogs, there are a lot of activities that can be done, variety of experience and unforgettable moments can be made in Negros. For those who requested to have this blog and itinerary, I can surely give you a guarantee that Negros is one of the best places to explore and appreciate. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and gather your friends, lovers and family to visit Negros.

Questiins and suggestions?

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