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Torpedo Boat Extreme Ride

From: Cebu, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

To: Paranas, Samar, Philippines

Travel Date: July 28, 2018

2 days travel

Posted by kimoiskee

Located in Paranas ,Samar.
Underrated place yet you will experience great adventure and definitely will love the nature.
It was a long journey before I reached my destination. Too many connecting boat and van rides I experienced on that day alone. From Cebu going to Ormoc. Ormoc going to Tacloban. Lastly, from Tacloban going to Catbalogan (where Paranas , Samar is actually located) and vice versa going back to Cebu. But, it was worth a try. Very affordable rent of the boat. A boat can accommodate 5 person max excluding the marksman and the one who controls the boat at the back. But if you want to experience it alone, just pay the whole price of it. People there are very kind and nice. Foods are also cheap. No mobile connection though since it's far from the city (almost 30-40mins motorbike ride from the proper going to Torpedo Boat Extreme Ride location). If you want to stay overnight, there's an affordable place with an air- conditioned room good for 2-4 person.

If you travel within Samar. Don't forget to visit Paranas, Catbalogan and experience the adventure you never experience before via boat ride. :D

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