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Discovering the Lost Horizon of the South - Camotes Islands, Cebu

From: Cebu City

To: Camotes Islands

Travel Date: August 25, 2017

4 days travel

Posted by heyjaydreamerr

When you hear of "traveling in Cebu", you would immediately think of destinations such as the white beaches of Bantayan Island, the marine life of Moalboal, canyoneering Kawasan Falls in Badian, or swimming with whalesharks in Oslob. But nestled in waters kilometers away to the east, there is a beautiful group of islands - Camotes.

Tagged as the "Lost Horizon of the South" because of its unspoiled beauty, Camotes is a rustic and laid-back piece of paradise with unparalleled grandiosities magnificently emanated in many different ways. It’s the perfect place if you're the type of person who wants to commune with nature: it has mountains, lakes, caves, waterfalls, beaches and islets - everything you can ever ask for in a perfect island getaway.

Go spelunking at their caves - from growing and glowing crystalline-like speleothems in HOLY CRYSTAL CAVE, to the cool waters of TIMUBO CAVE and the imposing stalactite and stalagmite formations of HEAVEN CAVE and BUKILAT CAVE. Bask at the white sand beach of SANTIAGO BAY or scantily clad chilling by the water’s edge at the luxury resort of MANGODLONG BEACH, or enjoy the secluded and serene abode at BAKHAW BEACH. Go to TULANG DIOT ISLAND and marvel at its sandbar and rich marine environment. If you're the adrenaline junkie, jump off that 50-m cliff into the turquoise waters at BUHO ROCK or go kayaking at the vast LAKE DANAO. There is anything for anyone at this island.

And the best parts?
1) Camotes has not yet gotten all the hype and popularity of other mainstream tourist destinations in the Philippines, so you're sure to have all the solitude and Instagrammable views, and less of the crowds and people.
2) A long stay on the island would never break your pockets - we stayed for 4D3N and the two of us just spent P3,200 each, all-in... the cost per pax gets lower for bigger groups!

Camotes, like most rural places in the Philippines, has an unsteady supply of water and electricity. Cellular data and signal can be difficult, and there is only one ATM in the island. The most common way of getting around places is by motorcycle bikes (you can rent or charter a driver). But with all these limitations, you'll be rewarded with an utmost sense of peace and tranquility, a serene escape from the hustling and bustling city life and fresh, cool air wherever you go.

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Enjoy the Camotes Islands!
Discover the Lost Horizon of the South!


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