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Coron, Palawan

From: Cebu, Philippines

To: Coron, Philippines

Travel Date: December 04, 2017

3 days travel

Posted by kiroiskim

Summertime in December? It's possible in Coron!

I had this travel together with my two friends after visiting a literally cold country so I made sure I get a lot of sun this time. We felt the need to visit Coron soon after we visited El Nido early of 2017. We just can't get enough of Palawan!

Some of the expenses were split into three. For food and pasalubong, you may omit this on the overall expenses and have a rough estimate of your own instead. Personally, I make sure I have at least 1000/day as food budget for local travels. Travel is an opportunity also to explore a variety of local food choices and or cafe's if not bars. It's okay to overestimate than travelling with an empty stomach right? For pasalubong, I find it a bit pricey in Coron compared to the other destinations I've been to. I suggest you buy something edible rather than key-chains.

Considering convenience and the limited time we have, we opt to pre-arrange this trip with our contact during our El Nido tour. All went well and of course no regrets even if the tour package is a bit high. It's understandable since we are only three. It's way cheaper for sure for more than 5 people.

Let me know what you think. Don't forget to rate. :)

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